About Us

Vital Education offers a unique learning experience that inspires children to be the best they can be.  We offer individualised coaching programmes to help give each child the confidence and skills they need to go further in life - whether they require remedial help or a stimulating extension programme.

Vital Education’s coaches are professional educators committed to achieving extraordinary results for each child by providing a challenging, positive and caring environment that fosters a life-long passion for learning.

Our dedicated teachers have the trust and confidence of successful mainstream teachers. They have backgrounds in teaching English, maths, general science, chemistry and physics. Many have held leadership positions in schools where they have taught.

A Brief History

Vital Education was established by Allan and Jill Crayton-Brown in 2009. Allan is a qualified teacher, experienced school principal, administrator and adviser. Allan and Jill opened their first education centre in Birkenhead in 1992 and have since operated centres throughout the Auckland region.

A Little About Our Background

Allan has taught students of all ages throughout his career. After teaching a range of mainstream classes he went on to focus on special education, specialising in teaching students with a visual impairment.

As a special educator he has taught students with a range of other special needs, including gifted children, students with dyslexia, hearing difficulties, autism, behavioural problems and cognitive difficulties.

Allan was principal of Parkside School, a school catering for students of all ages with a wide range of special needs.

As a school principal, Allan was responsible for a team of specialists committed to devising and implementing educational programmes to meet a diverse range of needs. He sees many similarities between being a principal and his role as Vital’s director of learning.

“You should never underestimate what you can achieve when you match students with the right programmes, coaches and motivation,” he said.

For Jill, the best part about her role as Vital’s office manager is seeing transformations as students become confident 21st century learners.

“A lot of the students who come through our door are shy at first,” she said.

“But when they see for themselves that learning isn’t a chore and start to succeed, everything changes.”

“They come leaping up the stairs for their next session. Some even ask for extra homework!”

Thank you for all your work and encouragement with Matthew over the last 4 years. We have very much appreciated your teaching and instilling of confidence in him. You have made a huge difference in helping Matthew.

Michelle – Parent