What we do

Vital Education’s aim is to encourage each student to be the best they can be in all they do, particularly literacy, numeracy and cognition. Students need to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that successful people have learned and habitually apply. Vital coaches don’t just teach the subject, they teach the student how to be successful now, and in life in the future.

We coach students from years 1 to 10 who will be taking NCEA, Cambridge and IB courses.

First, we assess each child’s needs in the area of concern. This takes approximately an hour. Parents are present. The results, coupled with the parents’ background knowledge form the basis for developing the child’s coaching programme.

The information gained at the assessment is then used to devise a personal programme for each child. While the programme may focus on the process of reading, for example, we will also be attentive to developing other key skills (i.e. visual tracking), building confidence, goal setting, the retention and recall of information, the habits, attitudes and values employed by successful people. Always, our aim is to work with parents to help their child to be the best they can be.

Key areas covered by our coaches include:

  • Listening Skills
  • Reading
  • English
  • Spelling
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Essay Writing
  • Study Skills
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Handwriting

Vital Education’s programmes have been developed in New Zealand for New Zealand students. Teaching methods are compatible with the school curriculum to ensure a more positive classroom experience.

Our Vital coaches are all dedicated, qualified teachers.

All students have a Vital Success Plan to chart their journey towards success.

Students are assigned their own Vital coach who teaches them and monitors their progress, challenging and inspiring them each step of the way. Just as a great sports coach coaches their athletes to achieve extraordinary results, our Vital coaches coach and motivate their students to achieve personal levels of performance never experienced before.

Students requiring a remedial programme have a programme tailored to their needs and those requiring an extension programme are challenged accordingly.

Students have access to Einstein’s Lab at the conclusion of each lesson where they can indulge in finding solutions to puzzles and conduct investigations.

Vital Education is a very professional company that aspires to the highest standards of achievement and is uncompromising in meeting the needs of its clients. We are committed to each student achieving and enjoying success now and in the future.

Vital Education is unique in that it teaches students to strive for excellence, expects each student to be successful and coaches them to be the best they can be.

The Vital brand is serious, professional, reliable and focused on nurturing the qualities that lead to success now at school and later in the workforce. Vital Education aims to prepare tomorrow’s leaders today.

Thank you for teaching me new skills in Vital Education. Thanks to you I feel confident going into High School. You have prepared me well.

Karan - Student