Why Vital

At Vital Education our philosophy is like that of top sports coaches who inspire athletes to achieve extraordinary performances. Our Vital coaches inspire students of all abilities, from Year 1 to 10, to reach personal goals and achieve extraordinary results in their education.

Our after-school coaching teaches students what they need to know to be successful now. We give them the confidence, skills and knowledge to achieve success throughout life.

At Vital Education we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to learning. Our free assessment forms the basis for your child’s Vital Success Plan and personal educational programme.

Our remedial and extension programmes are specially designed to meet each child’s individual needs and have been developed in NZ for NZ students. Teaching methods are compatible with the school curriculum to ensure a more positive classroom experience.


Vital Advantages
  • Free, no obligation consultation/assessment
  • Free advisory service
  • Vital coaches are qualified, experienced teachers
  • Personal Vital Success Plan
  • Personal educational programme
  • Our Vital Commitment
  • Wide subject range including maths, English, reading, spelling
  • Instruction for students Years 1 to 10
  • An inspiring learning environment
  • Very competitive rates – no hidden fees or extras
  • Convenient location
Vital Benefits
  • Improved results at school
  • Increased confidence and self belief
  • Greater perseverance
  • Greater independence and self discipline
  • Improved organisation skills and study skills
  • Improved leadership skills
  • Independent thinking strategies
  • Students learn how to succeed
Added Benefits of Vital Education

Our Vital coaches will guide your child to be the best they can be in all they do. We nurture the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that successful people have learned and habitually apply.

Vital coaches don’t just teach the subject, they coach the student how to be successful now, and in life in the future. We challenge our students to think more critically.

At Vital Education we work closely with parents to ensure their child’s success. It’s a holistic team approach – parent, teacher and Vital coach to meet each child’s needs.

We encourage full parental access to each child’s Vital coach who will ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure each student achieves their set goal.

We provide home practice exercises designed to consolidate knowledge and accelerate each child’s progress.

Reluctant readers are encouraged to join our free Library Link in association with our local library.

Vital Education “Prescriptions” may also be used to remediate specific needs.

Regular challenges, quizzes and weekly inspirational cards all contribute to the positive, ‘can do’ learning culture that is Vital Education, ensuring that every student can “AIM HIGH, FLY HIGH” at VITAL EDUCATION.

The boys have improved immensely under your tuition and your patience and commitment to them was much appreciated.

Viv - Parent